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Our Story


I'm Megan, founder of The Green Way Co. 

Ever since I can remember I have always been obsessed with old timely items made from simple natural materials. I remember frequently visiting the antique shops when I was around 8 years old. I would spend hours just admiring how different everyday items used to be. All in all I was a bit of an odd child. It's like in a way I wanted to surround myself with the simplicity of how things were back in a time before mine. 

Also since my childhood I have always loved having clean simple spaces. I would always make sure my room was kept clean and tidy because it would make me feel better mentally. Fast forward to today and I am basically the same way. I am an eco-conscious minded, minimalist. I value clean aesthetics and simple living because for me too much stuff causes a mental clutter. Now I am teaching my two girls to live the same simple and clean lifestyle that I enjoy.

The Green Way was created because we wanted to go beyond the impact that just our family will make in reducing waste by sharing our favourite natural living brands with fellow eco minded people and creating a place to find most zero waste items in one place. The sustainable goods available in our shop are products that my family and I love, trust and use on a daily basis.

Thank you for visiting.

(Megan Unay)

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