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Useful Tips & Tricks on Using Wool Dryer Balls

Canadian Made Organic Wool Dryer Balls

How to use your wool dryer balls

Welcome to the all natural dryer sheet replacement!. Wool dryer balls are meant to be used in place of store bought dryer sheets. They work very well in helping clothes to dry faster, which saves on time, energy and electricity. Wool is a naturally absorbant material which helps to draw moisture out of clothes while the round shape of these balls acts as a separator spacing out laundry in the dryer to even further speed up drying time. 

To use your wool dryer balls all you have to do is throw a couple in to your dryer just as you would a dryer sheet. We suggest 3 balls for small to medium loads and up to 6 balls for large and bulk loads like blankets and towels. 


Adding scents to your dryer balls is also easy and customizable. To add your own scent you simply add a couple drops (5-10 drops depending on the strength you prefer) to each ball before placing them in the dryer. We do not recommend adding essential oils for those with skin sensitivities or for infants and small children.
So how long do wool dryer balls last? Well here is the amazing money saving part! Wool dryer balls can last up to 1000 loads. Thats a whole lot of laundry. You will know its time to replace your balls when they start coming apart or if pieces are coming off, pilling is a normal occurrence and does not mean the balls need replacing. Wool dryer balls can be composted when they are all done their job so there is no waste created. 
We love wool dryer balls because they are chemical free and hypoallergenic. They reduce waste and over all better for our planet and ourselves.


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