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Useful Tips & Tricks on Using Wool Dryer Balls

Canadian Made Organic Wool Dryer Balls

How do wool dryer balls work?

Wool Dryer Balls help to absorb moisture from your laundry. These amazing balls absorb up to 30% of their weight in water! The movement of the wool balls within the dryer also helps to separate laundry items allowing the air and heat to circulate more efficiently and thus items dry faster. This also allows for even distribution of the humidity within the dryer, which reduces static, wrinkles and makes your fabrics feel softer.

How are wool dryer balls different from plastic dryer balls or tennis balls?

Oh boy, where do I start! Plastic dryer balls or tennis balls are made of plastic (PVC) which contains synthetic materials and harmful chemicals which are only stable at low temperatures in your dryer. However, once they become heated they can release chemicals which not only get into your clothes, but will also affect your dryer and dryer ducts. This could lead to reducing your dryer’s lifetime and creating stored particles in the ducts that are released and deposited onto your next load of laundry! Unlike the noisy “thump, thump, thump” you get with rigid plastic and tennis balls, our Dryer Balls are quiet, but more importantly softer and more gentle on your clothing.

How do I use wool dryer balls and store them?

Just throw them in with your dryer load of laundry, that's it!

STATIC – if you over-dry your clothes, the balls will be too dry as well and will produce static cling. So monitor your first few times of drying… it took me a while to adjust to having a full load of bath towels dry in 30 minutes!

SCENTING: Add 4-8 drops of essential oils onto the balls and allow a few minutes to soak in. For a stronger scent, add the essential oils right at the beginning of the cycle, or for the last 5-10 minutes for a softer scent.

STORING: The wool balls may be left inside the dryer or if you prefer keep them in the cotton drawstring sac that they were purchased in (if you haven’ t already used this for something else fun). Never store the balls in plastic, they need to breathe!

How many wool dryer balls should I use?

Size of load and dryer performance will determine how many balls you should use. For small to regular-sized loads, 3 balls are sufficient. For large loads, 6-8 balls, and for extra large loads all the way up to 8-12 balls. The more balls you use, the less time it takes to dry. The more the merrier!     

How long will the wool dryer balls last?

This will depend on how much laundry that is done on a regular basis. The balls can easily last for approximately 1000 dryer loads. They will show a little wear after a while and they will ‘pill’, but that’s a good thing! This proves they are doing their job!

Are wool dryer balls okay to use with baby clothes or cloth diapers?

Yes, yes and YES! Wool balls are made with 100% pure wool, using no synthetic fillers, chemicals or dyes. They are hypoallergenic and great to use for anyone with sensitive skin. If you choose to scent with essential oils, please ensure that they are safe to use with children. Diffusing them does create a very low level of risk though, as the pure oils are not being applied directly to skin. However, I always like to caution this with children and pets. Even aromatically some essential oils are not ideal for children.

Can they help remove pet hair?

They totally help remove pet hair! Because the balls separate the laundry and allow better air flow, more pet hair will be loosened, so be sure to check your lint screen after every load.

Can I clean my wool dryer balls?

Absolutely! Wash them with some towels on warm and put them in the dryer. It’s not a requirement to clean them, but if you choose to, it’s no problem. You may want to use them for another purpose after their dryer days are done! (see below for suggestions)

It’s time to replace my wool dryer balls, what should I do with the old ones?

Lots! They can be added to the compost, but better yet re-used in different ways. Put some essential oils on them and place them in a drawer or closet to scent your linens and clothes. Use as decor pieces, in a basket or vase, or table centrepiece. Use as therapy balls for rolling out tight muscles. Use your imagination!

Can I use wool dryer balls in any type of dryer machine? 

The dryer balls may be used in new or older dryer machines. Newer machines will be more efficient, but drying time will still be reduced when using the balls in older machines.

I still have static cling, why would this occur?

This could be due to a few reasons. The drying time could be too long and over drying your fabrics and the balls themselves (the air becomes too dry inside your machine creating more static) is a common reason. Fabric material plays a role in the amount of static created, synthetic material like polyester and nylon as they create friction while drying. Another reason is the weather! As the weather changes, and the colder months set in, there is more static in the air. This creates a new environment for our laundry as well. In both cases, take 1-2 balls from the dryer with about 10 minutes remaining in the cycle, wet them under the tap so they are slightly damp but not soaked. Place them back in the dryer and voila, static be gone!


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