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Why Your Laundry Products Might Not Be as Great as You Think

Why Your Laundry Products Might Not Be as Great as You Think

If your go-to place for laundry products is the grocery store, as it is for many busy homeowners, then the limited options might be doing yourself and your laundry a disservice. While its much more convenient to do your laundry product shopping along with your groceries, it doesn't give you much opportunity to discover new brands that are developing products that offer much more than traditional or mainstream brands do. 

At the end of the day, you want to ensure your clothes are clean and ready to wear for work or a night out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit picky with what you use and learning about how it affects you, your body, and the planet. If you want to change up your laundry routine, but don’t really know where to start, below are a few reasons why your current products might not be as
great as you think and what some better alternatives are.  


Natural laundry products

They irritate the skin


Traditional detergents are chalk full of highly irritating chemicals that can cause severe issues if you already have sensitive skin. Using them on your clothes and then wearing those clothes all day long might not be the best idea. These harmful ingredients, such as sodium lauryl sulfates and phosphates, can cause you more issues in the long run if you aren’t mindful of how they affect your skin. 

2) They are toxic to the planet 


It’s no surprise that the above mentioned chemicals enter our soil and water supply after every load of laundry you do. Not only is this harmful for us and our communities, but they also have an effect on our environment and the animals living within it. Instead of traditional detergents, consider switching over to simpler, eco-friendly laundry strips that won’t have the same harmful effects on our planet with every use.

They come in non-biodegradable or non-recyclable packaging 

Lastly, a reason why your current laundry products aren’t as great as you might think is because they are either single-use or come in packaging that isn’t easily recyclable or biodegradable. This causes you the unnecessary hassle of trying to dispose of them ethically, or simply not and contributing to garbage in landfills.

Sure, your clothes might be clean, but that’s quite the price to pay in the long run. Better alternatives to single use dryer sheets are wool dryer balls that are reusable for countless washes and still effective. That way you can be kind to the planet while still getting your clothes looking great!

 For more eco-friendly laundry products that'll have your clothes sparkling, visit The Green Way and explore the great brands we offer. 


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