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Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Products Today

Bamboo forest


In this day and age it seems like everyone is trying to find ways to be a bit more sustainable. From the products they use to the practices they have throughout the day, there are a variety of ways that your habits can have a positive or negative effect on the environment.


While changing everything about your lifestyle to be more eco-friendly isn’t always easy, there are a few smaller changes that can have an enormous impact on the health of the planet. A simple change that many consumers are beginning to make is the switch from plastic to bamboo products. However, many still seem confused as to why bamboo is so much better for our environment.


Below is a simple breakdown on why you should consider changing your household and self-care products over to bamboo if you’re trying to be more eco-friendly and how it can benefit you in the long run.  

 Bamboo brush

Why Choose Bamboo?


Like grass, bamboo is a naturally renewable plant that grows incredibly fast. It’s also very durable and long-lasting while still being light-weight, making it convenient to produce and to use.


Furthermore, harvesting doesn’t require pesticides or chemicals and the plant itself has anti-bacterial properties, which makes its production healthy for you and for the planet. Since it is a great source of oxygen and effectively absorbs carbon dioxide, the increased bamboo production makes our environment a safer place for us to live.


And lastly, due to higher demand in bamboo products the industry has created more jobs for farmers in rural Asian communities.


What Products Have Bamboo Alternatives?


Are you looking to switch up some of your favourite products for bamboo alternatives? Here are a few common options:





Because of how popular bamboo has become for its eco-friendly properties, there are a variety of products that can be swapped out so that you can begin your sustainability journey today. Visit The Green Way to browse our wonderful brands selling some more bamboo products!


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