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Living Sustainably Does Not Always Have to be Perfect

Living Sustainably Does Not Always Have to be Perfect

Dare I say it? Absolutely, I just did! Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn't always look the same. It isn't always what you read or see on social media. However, if you feel bombarded by all the things you feel like you should be changing in your life... well you're not alone! I believe it's human nature to feel like we always need to strive to do better, be better and live up to our expectations and or the expectations of others, but in all truth, Rome wasn't built in a day.

We are human, so contrary to all the fluff you see and hear no one is perfect and I want you to remember that and to say it out loud with me. NO ONE is perfect. I'm certainly not perfect and although I am one of the guilty ones running head first through each and every day, desperately trying to get everything done while attempting be my best person, well thats not always how it turns out. 

I feel like we need to step back sometimes and remember that everyones situation is different in so many different ways. But the important part of that sentence to take in is that You and I are one of those people who has a different situation as we are all unique. 

I believe that the most important part to living a sustainable lifestyle is that we are aware of the problem and are consciously working (in our own way, at our own pace) towards a solution. Whether you are just starting out or you have been doing it for a while but aim to do more or even if you are the best 'zero' waster known to the planet, we are all in this together and we are all taking our individual steps towards the greater good and rewarding changes for our future, our children's future and the future of our planet. We all matter in this movement and we are all equal. 

I started The Green Way not with the intention to push people into being perfect eco activists but instead to teach, help and support people on their own individual journeys towards sustainable living. But the best part about this business is all the different things I have learned from all of you. From all my customers, brands and supporters thank you for teaching me and I look forward to constantly and continuously learning and positively evolving as I grow. We will never stop aspiring to be better and knowledge is power but we all learn at different paces and that is perfect in its own way.

Megan xoxox


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