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How to Update Your Home While Still Being Eco-Friendly

How to Update Your Home While Still Being Eco-Friendly

One of the most enjoyable parts of owning or renting a home is being able to decorate it or renovate it in a way that reflects your personality and style. Coming up with colour palette ideas or the kind of aesthetic you want to aim for when buying new furniture is just as important as maintaining the space you’re in. Why not make it as eco-friendly a process as possible?


For any decor lovers who still want to be eco-friendly and sustainable with their choices, below are a few ways to stay kind to the planet as you update your home. 

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1. Thrift new decor pieces


Instead of running to common ready-to-assemble furniture stores, why not opt instead to shop second-hand? This means that you can replenish and repurpose items that already exist rather than purchasing new ones and contributing to wasteful retail practices. It’s also much more fun to hunt for that perfect lounge chair for the corner of your living room than choosingone from a catalogue online!


2. Donate old decor pieces


On the flip side, if you have any old decor pieces that you want to replace with new ones, consider donating them instead of just tossing them out. This will allow someone else to adopt your old furniture and at a much more affordable price! You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that you aren’t contributing to more unnecessary trash in landfills. 


3. Opt for reusable cleaning products


While you’re revamping your space, you might also make it a point to replace old cleaning and maintenance products with new ones. Instead of reaching for traditional cleaning products such as sponges and bottled soaps or detergents, opt instead for more eco-friendly products. Replace your dish sponge with a bamboo brush and buy your cleaning sprays in bulk so that you can fill up a reusable glass bottle for everyday use. 


4. Revive, don’t replace


Lastly, if you really want to give your home a spruce-up but also want to be eco-friendly and not spend more than necessary, try instead to revive your old decor rather than immediately replacing it. You’ll be surprised what a fresh paint job on your walls or cabinets can do for the overall look of your space. 


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