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How to Clean Your Home Without Hurting The Planet

How to Clean Your Home Without Hurting The Planet

Taking care of your home is very important, but it’s also important to be conscious of how to take care of the planet. Being more eco-friendly isn’t difficult if you know what products to use and which materials to stay clear of. 

If you’re interested in changing up your cleaning routine to be more environmentally conscious, below are a few sustainable alternatives for common household cleaning products that you can start using today.

 Natural cleaning

Reusable Materials

There are a variety of products that end up in landfills after just a few uses, so it’s important to find reusable materials for your common household cleaning tools. Simple alternatives are sponge cloths for cleaning any kind of surface without streaking and without constant disposal.

 Sponge Cloths

Pair this with a reusable glass bottle to hold your cleaning product instead of repurchasing plastic bottles and you’ll have an eco-friendly way of keeping your home clean without harming the planet.

 amber glass bottles 

Natural Formulas

A detrimental habit for the planet when it comes to your household practices is using products that aren’t made of natural materials. These synthetic chemicals then make their way into our water supply, harming both humans and animals in neighbouring habitats. Instead of harsh chemicals opt instead for natural ingredients such as olive oil soap which can be used for a variety of household purposes and doesn’t contain harmful palm oil.

 olive oil soap

Furthermore, instead of using disinfecting wipes that aren’t easily disposable, use disinfecting strips that are biodegradable so that your surfaces can stay clean without the unnecessary waste.


Biodegradable Tools

There are some common household cleaning tools that you can’t quite go without, so instead try swapping your regular ones for biodegradable options. Bamboo tools such as toilet brushes and dish brushes can last you a long time with proper care. When they are ready to be tossed out you can rest assured that they aren’t doing any harm to the planet.  

 natural dish brushes

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