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A Simple Shower Routine That Is Good For You and For The Planet

A Simple Shower Routine That Is Good For You and For The Planet

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than a warm shower after a long day. However, your shower routine might be full of practices that aren’t as eco-friendly as you might like them to be. These can include buying products in plastic packaging, using ingredients that can have harmful effects on the environment, or regularly throwing out single-use items.

If you are interested in being more eco-friendly with your self-care, below are a few sustainable habits to include in your shower routine so that you can be kind to yourself and kind to the planet.

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Use A Biodegradable Loofa 

Most store-bought loofas are made from plastic that will sit in a landfill when thrown out. Instead, look for a biodegradable loofa that will give you the same lathering effects when scrubbing away the day’s dirt without the damaging effects to the environment once you’re ready to dispose of it.


Opt For Shampoo and Conditioner Bars 

Another way to be a bit more sustainable with your shower routine is by ditching the bottled shampoos and conditioners and instead opting for shampoo bars. This makes disposal of your products and storage in small spaces much easier while also avoiding unnecessary waste. It’s also important to understand that the ingredients in your products go down the drain and into our water and soil; choosing brands that use natural ingredients can benefit the health of your hair as well as the health of the planet. 

Replace Single-Use Items With Reusable Ones

A shower routine won’t be quite complete without also taking care of your face. An effective skincare and facial hygiene routine is important, but often leads to single-use products like disposable cotton rounds or disposable cotton swabs. Instead of constantly buying these products only to fill up your garbage with them, choose instead to buy reusable alternatives that last longer and won’t end up in landfills for years to come. Reusable cotton rounds are great for removing makeup or applying facial toner, and two reusable silicone swabs are all you need to ensure your ears are clean or touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to come at the expense of the health of the planet. Change up your shower routine to be more sustainable and eco-friendly with some of The Green Way’s great brands and do your part, no matter how simple or small these changes might be.


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