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4 Things In Your Kitchen That Have Eco-Friendly Alternatives

4 Things In Your Kitchen That Have Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Now more than ever we are seeing a push for sustainability in the way we live our daily lives. Some of the products we’ve loved for decades have been proven to have negative effects on the environment, and so, we are asking our favourite brands to produce items that are kind to our bodies 
as well as to our planet.  

While this might seem like you have to give up some of your favourite items, there are a lot of alternatives that can help you practice sustainability without sacrificing convenience. If you’re looking to switch up your home goods for more sustainable options, below are four things in your kitchen that have eco-friendly alternatives.  

Reusable Packaging 

When you’re on the go or packing lunch for your kids you might reach for single-use plastic packaging for ease and convenience. However, if you switch that out for reusable beeswax food wraps for sandwiches or reusable snack bags for sliced fruit and nuts, not only will you save money on repurchasing, but also help save the planet from more non-biodegradable plastic making it into landfills.

The Green Way Company - Sustainable Products for the Eco Friendly Home

Bamboo Pot Scrubber 

Instead of using the traditional synthetic sponges and scrubbers to clean your greasy pots, opt instead for a scrubber made from compostable materials. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, which is a healthier alternative to plastic sponges that trap bacteria and continue to spread it as you wash your dishes.


Reusable Coffee Filters & Tea Bags  

We all love a hot beverage on a crisp morning, but we might not consider the effects single-use filters and tea bags have on the environment. To be a bit more eco-friendly with your relaxing morning routine, switch these out for reusable cloth coffee filters and cloth tea bags so that you can enjoy your beverage while also being kind to the planet.

 reusable coffee filter

Reusable Market Bag 

In order to bring all your favourite foods into your kitchen you have to make that weekly trip to the market. This gives you a great opportunity to begin your sustainability journey by using a reusable shopping bag for your groceries instead of plastic ones. Not only are these totes easy to store and carry around, but they can also be repurposed for other uses around your house as well, such as additional storage.

 reusable market bag

With the right products practicing sustainability at home doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re looking to make your kitchen a bit more eco-friendly then check out some the great brands at The Green Way for healthy and effective alternatives! 



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