About Us

I'm Megan, founder of The Green Way Co. Im a proud Canadian and mama of two girls. I am through and through an eco advocate and want to make our earth greener one step at a time. Living sustainably is my goal and this is why The Green Way Co came to be.

In 2018 my journey towards a low waste lifestyle began. It started when my boyfriend and I began going through our house and decluttering. I noticed how much stuff we buy that we don't really need and how unnecessary it all is. From that moment on I realized that I needed to go above and beyond to make earth friendly choices. Trying to find ways to reduce our family's waste and plastic use. Of course everyday isn't perfect and I'm still learning but at the end of each day I can feel good about making earth conscious decisions as well as teaching my girls to do the same.

My vision for The Green Way is to inspire other people to live a low waste lifestyle by curating a range of stylish and affordable eco friendly products to replace single use products.

Megan. xx